Pugs2Persians was started by my husband and I in 2007. At the time we were in college and it provided the perfect flexible work hours to enable a work/study balance. I never dreamed that this business would grow large enough to become my full time job but it certainly has. Through college, military moves, and beyond, Pugs2Persians has grown in ways that we would never had imagined when we started.

No one ever told me when I was growing up that I would be able to make a living from being a crazy crafty cat person. This business is a dream job for us. We so appreciate that our passion for pets is shared by enough people to support that dream.

All of our unique items are handmade and shipped out by us in our home in Gainesville, Florida. Quality control is overseen by the four legged staff which includes Puck the sphynx. The fur kids work hard supervising, testing new designs, and modeling.

Our family thanks you for your support. Whether you've been a part of building P2P in the past years or you're a brand new customer. Thank you sincerely for helping us continue to live our dream and giving us the chance to make the perfect thing for your four legged family members.

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