Happy Go Lucky Stripe Cat Harness

  • $16.00

This harness is designed specifically for cats. There is a strap that snaps around the neck like a collar and another strap that snaps around the body right behind the front legs. The idea is that this design is the best to prevent your cat from escaping(Though it still isn't impossible) while at the same time allowing your cat a full range of motion. I have trained my adult cat on this type of harness and she adjusted to it quickly. I can't guarantee that any cat will take to it. Some cats are easier to train than others.

This is great for a traveling pet owner or someone who would like to give their cat some outside time without letting them run free.

The measurements for the large size are: Collar 8.5"-14.5", Chest 13.75"-23.75". All 1/2" wide

The measurements for the small size are: Collar 6.25"-9.25", Chest 9.75"-16.5". All 3/8" wide

We estimate that the large harness will generally fit a cat about 9-28 lbs and the small will fit cats 2-10 lbs. We recommend that you measure your cat with a soft tape measure to be sure.

You can find the matching leash here:

We recommend the lite version for most cats.

For your pet's safety we recommend that you monitor your pet while using any pet products and discontinue use if you notice any kind of damage to the hardware or the straps.

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