Small Round Leaf Pet ID Tag


This customizable pet ID tag is a hand stamped 3/4" disk. This is our smallest tag size, so it is perfect for a small dog or cat. Choose the material your tag will be made from. Your options are: nickel alloy (silver color), copper (reddish color), and brass (gold color).

This tag comes standard with a leaf design at its center. See the link below for other design options.

This tag comes with the font shown in the pictures.

Leave a note when you checkout that includes your pets name and one phone number. Only names with nine or fewer characters will fit. Both the name and number will be stamped on the front of this tag. The back of this tag cannot be stamped.

Care note: The nickel alloy option is the most tarnish resistant, but it is normal for the copper and brass options to darken a little over time resulting in an attractive patina. However, if the tag come into contact with caustic substances (ie chlorine, acids, salt, etc.) it may tarnish too much. If this happen you can easily restore its shine by sanding both sides with a fine-grit sandpaper or even an emery board.