Vintage Surfboards Whippet Collar

  • $16.00

This listing is for a standard whippet sized martingale dog collar. This collar is made using a 1.5" nylon strapping that has been adorned with fabric. It will also fit most Italian greyhounds. We recommend measuring your dog's neck to be sure.

This collar is 1.5" wide, is adjustable, and will fit necks 9"-13".

Martingale (also know as greyhound or lupine) dog collars are popular for gentle control verses a choke chain. Originally designed for sighthounds, they also work well for dogs who try to back out of their traditional buckle collars. Also popular by agility and flyball trainers who want gentle control of their dog at all times. The martingale collar should be loose when the dog is not attached to a leash. When using a leash you attach your leash to the D-ring. You will know that the collar is properly fitted when your dog is on the leash and the two non-loop ends are a couple inches apart.

Find the matching leash available here

For your pet's safety we recommend that you monitor your pet while using any pet products and discontinue use if you notice any kind of damage to the hardware or the straps.

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