Thankful Words Pet Scarf


Simply slide your pet's collar through the sleeve at the top of the bandanna. These are also great for dogs that don't like all the bulk around their neck because it uses the collar that they are already used to wearing to keep it secure.

These bandannas are sewn to withstand many washings, puppy play sessions, and general use. All of the ends are finished and the bandannas are completely lined so that they will not fray. This bandanna will be a part of your pet's wardrobe even after many uses.

This listing includes one bandanna in the size of your choice. The sizes offer enough range to fit all sizes of dogs and cats.

The extra small will fit onto collars less than 1" wide. All of the other collars will easily slide onto a collar as wide as 1" or less.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.