Silent on Collar Cat ID tag - QR Code Pet Tag


We make each pet tag in our Florida based home studio and take great pride in our craftsmanship. This custom pet ID tag is made from stainless steel and attaches directly to your cat's collar. It is guaranteed to fit all Pugs2Persians cat collars, but will also fit many other collars with 3/8'' (9 mm) straps.

The black text and marking on these tags are created by an advanced process call laser annealing. This works by making chemical changes to the metal at a molecular level. The process results in a smooth finish with highly durably markings that won't rust.

PingTag is our Lost-and-Found QR code partner. Their QR codes include a complimentary lifetime membership. When you receive your tags, simply scan each QR code to activate it and add your contact
information. Each QR code is unique, and should be added separately to your PingTag
account. You can update your contact information anytime without having to change your QR codes,
and you can manage all your tags in one easy-to-use dashboard.

You also have the option to upgrade to a Premium membership and add even more peace-of-mind to your QR codes at A Premium membership includes the following benefits:

•Add images and share important information on the pages that open when someone scans
your QR code.
•Receive SMS and Email alerts with the geographic location as soon as one of your QR
codes is scanned.
•Reply to the scan alert directly via SMS to initiate the conversation with
finders, instead of waiting for the other person to send the first message
•Assign multiple contacts for each QR code.
•Hide your identity and your contact information while receiving email and text messages
from people, and replying anonymously via SMS.

PingTag works anywhere in the world, and does not require any apps to be downloaded or

Customer Reviews

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Alles ok und super schnell

Alles ok und super schnell

Good quality collar that doesn't fall off!

Good quality collar that doesn't fall off!

ID tag looks very nice and was easy to per...

ID tag looks very nice and was easy to personalize. The QR code works just as expected. The only thing I don't like about it is how it attaches to the collar. The gap is wide enough that my cats can knock it off their collars when wrestling. It has only happened once, so will get one for my other cat.

Laura Mueller
High quality etching on the tag, easy to p...

High quality etching on the tag, easy to put on and stays securely.

Kaitlen Schmidt
These work so well ! My cats don't get stu...

These work so well ! My cats don't get stuck on the heat vent grates .