Stock Up Lot of 6 Cat Collars of Your Choice


Is your cat a fashionista that has to have a new collar every month? Do you have lots of cats that would be jealous if you left any of them out? This is the lot for you! You can get a great price on 6 cat collars in any size/color of your choice out of all of the 400+ cat collars in my shop!

Please leave us your choices in the "notes to seller" upon checkout.

Our cat collars are handmade using reinforced cotton and top quality contoured hardware. Reinforced cotton makes a great collar material because it is soft, light, as well as sturdy. It is also machine washable which all pet owners know is a "must have!". We use breakaway clips on our cat collars for your kitty's safety. If you insist on a non-breakaway collar I can make one custom for you if you contact me. The bell can easily be removed if you prefer.

For your pet's safety we recommend that you monitor your pet while using any pet products and discontinue use if you notice any kind of damage to the hardware or the straps.