Witch's Familiar on Black Cat Collar - B15D31


A note about any of our glow in the dark products:

This item features glow in the dark pigments. It does not contain any electronic elements or batteries. The pigments require exposure to a light source in order to activate. Either indoor lighting or sunlight are effective at activating these pigments. If you live in a home that is often dark and doesn't have any sunny windows the collar may not receive enough light to glow. If you have a very long haired cat and you often can't see the collar through fur it likely won't be receiving enough light to activate the pigments. When the pigments are fully charged they will glow for approximately 30 minutes in darkness. Once charged the glow is best observed in a space that is completely dark.

This cat collar is handmade using reinforced cotton and top quality contoured hardware.
Reinforced cotton makes a great collar material because it is soft, light, as well as sturdy. It is also machine washable which all pet owners know is a "must have!". We use breakaway clips on our cat collars for your kitty's safety. If you insist on a non-breakaway collar I can make one custom for you if you contact me. The bell can easily be removed if you prefer.

The large cat collars are: 9"- 15" long and 3/8" wide and the small cat collars are 6.5"- 10" long and 3/8" wide.

This collar comes with a bell, charm, both, or neither.

We estimate that the large size generally fits all adult cats and the small fits most petite cats and kittens under 10 lbs but we recommend that you measure your cat's neck with a soft tape measure to be sure.

For your pet's safety we recommend that you monitor your pet while using any pet products and discontinue use if you notice any kind of damage to the hardware or the straps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Really cute! The shipping was quick and ev...

Really cute! The shipping was quick and everything I ordered looked like they did online. Highly recommend this shop and I can see myself returning! 😊

I got collars and custom charms for each o...

I got collars and custom charms for each of my cats and they are awesome down to the loving detail and cute sticker they came packaged with. Very happy and will definitely buy more.

Christian Lemke
I love this for my big boy Salem it fits p...

I love this for my big boy Salem it fits perfectly. Very a.m. made and stylish

Kayla Heathcote
Love the collar and I love the glow in the...

Love the collar and I love the glow in the dark.

Rune Schamberger
Our cat usually hates wearing collars but...

Our cat usually hates wearing collars but has been comfortable in her new one since we put it on. Love the glow in the dark accents. Incredible quality and fast shipping. Will definitely be ordering from this shop again if we ever decide to change out our babies' collars again💟